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Wow I am back for like a fourth blog on the week. Been super motivated to write this week. Also making up for lost time, Today’s blog is about choosing the right people or examples to follow when you are in your Taekwondo or Martial Arts classes. Actually you can use some of or all of criteria below in other classes as well.

The criteria I picked are; Black Belts or Higher Belts, Proper Technique, Humble, Knowledgable, Helpful, High Energy, Fit/Healthy, Respectful, Disciplined. This is just a small list I came up with. You can certainly add or take away from it but it gives you a general idea. Also as a student or teacher/instructor you want to pick up these traits for yourself. You want to be the best example you can be for yourself as well as for others to follow.

Okay let’s go through each trait quickly. Obviously on top of the list is you want to be following Black Belts or Higher Belts than you. But this is subject-able. Not all Belts are equal. Be careful who you follow as an example for yourself. You want to pick examples of good quality technique. Pick the person with the technique you think it awesome. SOme people are better at certain kicks while others are better at blocks. You can certainly choose to follow various examples. But do pick the techniques that you want to look like. Pick people that are humble to follow. No point in choosing a role model that is cocky about their skills. You’ll unknowingly pick up on that negative trait. Follow the higher belts that truly do know their stuff. You can tell the ones that know what they are talking about versus the ones that just get by. Knowledge is a continuos process.It never stops. Pick the person that is willing to keep learning and admit when they do not know.

The higher belts that will automatically help the lower belts without being asked and doesn’t require any recognition for their efforts is someone to follow. Choose the person who has high energy for that they love to do. If it seems like they just show up and go through the motions then they probably aren’t the ones that you should follow. Choose the ones that makes the simplest blocks super fun. Your role model should be fit and healthy to do the things they ask you to do. They lead by example. If they ask you to do 100 push ups, have they done it before? The example you choose to follow in class should be a respectful person. Do they treat others with respect and are courteous? Your role model should be well disciplined in class. Do they stand properly in line, do they answer YES SIR or NO SIR, do they talk in class when they are not suppose to?  Choose your role models in class wisely and choose to be an awesome example for others to follow.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this one.

Master Jonathan Field

4 Time Martial Arts World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Some Recent Videos I did

Hello Everyone

Just thought I would post a few videos I recently posted to youtube.

First video is a demo reel we did for Canada’s Got Talent when we auditioned back in September. We didn’t make the cut but it was a good learning experience.

Second video is of some breaking stuff we have done over the past few years.

Hope you enjoyed!

Master Jonathan Field

2011 ISKA World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

Hierarchy of Instructors and Black Belts

Hello Everyone

Today’s blog is about the hierarchy of Instructors and Black Belts in Taekwondo. I had an adult Taekwondo student out of general curiosity and for their own personal knowledge ask me what the hierarchy of the instructors’ spot in the class line up, and how it worked. I also realize that most people are wondering the same thing.So here it is.

At our dojang the head instructor of that particular class stands at the front of the class facing the students. The students line up from highest rank to lowest rank in front of the instructor starting at the instructor’s left side moving down the ranks to the instructors’s right. So for example if there was 10 students in class with 3 red belts, 3 blue belts, 3 yellow belts and 1 white belt the order would go like this.  Front Line: Red, Red, Red, Blue, Blue  Black Line: Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, White   Now if their was a second instructor helping teach class then that instructor would stand to the left of the front line in the assistant/instructor spot. If there was a third instructor in class helping teach then they would line up behind the second instructor and to the left of the back line. So the line of command for that class would be the main structor is first in command, the second instructor is second in command, and the third instructor is third in command. Also at my school only the black belts are only allowed to stand in these spots.

As far as the ranks goes for Black Belts the highest rank in that school most commonly the owner of the dojang is first command. They are in charge of overseeing all Black Belts and Colour Belts. I am gonna use my dojang for example. I hold a 5th Dan Black Belt but so does Master Joyce. I out rank her because I own the school granted she has been in Taekwondo a few years longer and is of older age than I. If I didn’t won Cobourg Tae Kwon Do then she would out rank me. Now we have two 4th Dan Masters here at our dojang too. Master Gayle would out rank Master Richard as she has held 4th Dan longer and is currently training for her 5th Dan grading in May 2012. Next we got some 2nd degree black belts here as well. Sir Jeff would out rank Sir Reilly, Sir Brodie, or Sir Ismael as he is an adult 2nd degree black belt versus a junior second degree black belt. Now for our 1st degreess,Sir Ryan, Sir Luke or Sir Liam would out rank Ma’am Mikaela and Sir Liam because they are older. We also got several black belts and the adults out rank the juniors. We got several more black belts and higher ranks but these are just a few examples. Way too many to list here at this time.

So in a nutshell a 5th degree outranks a 4th degree, a 3rd degree outranks a 2nd degree, a 2nd degree outranks a 1st degree, a 1st degree outranks a black belt,  and a black belt outranks a colour belt. Adult black belts will outrank the junior black belts.

Another thing to take in consideration as well as what you call them. Different schools have slightly different ways of doing this. The two I have seen are that you call the Black Belts and Instructors Sir or Ma’am, or Mr. and Ms. I have always be taught to cal the higher ranks Sir or Ma’am. So Jacob for example who is a black belt here would be called Sir or Sir Jacob or Mikaela who is a 1st degree would be called Ma’am or Ma’am Mikaela. Master Joyce or Master Gayle would be called Master or Ma’am with or without their names mentioned after. Master Richard and myself would be referred to Master Richard, Master Jonathan, Master, or Sir.

Some more on what to call the instructors. Master or master of the school is known as Kwan Jan Nim in Korean. An instructor is Sa Buhm Nim in Korean. A more personal name for a instructor in Korean is Soo Buhm Nim. Also as far as competition teams goes the more experience instructors, black belts, and students are higher up the line of command. And Black Belts are called upon in class more to lead exercises and demonstrate new techniques as they are the ones that show be able to do it properly and give an positive example for everyone else to follow.

Okay now this all seems like everyone is just trying to climb the ranks to be the one in charge and have more respect granted to them. This is quite the opposite. Higher ranks just lets everyone else know that that person has more knowledge and can help teach lower ranks. Also regardless of rank at my school everyone is referred to Sir or Ma’am to show mutual respect because at the end of the day we are all still basically human, We all brush our teeth the same. We all have feelings. We all feel love and pain.

I hope this gives everyone a good idea of the whole ranking system and line of command. If you got any questions let me know.

Master Jonthan Field

ISKA World Champion
3 Time WBA World Champion
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Videos from Black Belt Spectacular 2011

Hello Everyone

Down below are some videos from The Black Belt Spectacular 2011 that was held this past Saturday in Toronto held at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts. This is where Master Joyce and I received our 5th Dan Black Belts while Maser Richard received his 4th Dan Black Belt. Team Wolverine also did a little demo at the show. The footage only shows a little bit of the show. There is lots that wasn’t captured. Enjoy.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

Words of Wisdom by Master John Dube, A Martial Arts Hall of Famer.

Hello Everyone

Well it has been just over a week since I wrote my last blog which was about Master Joyce, Master richard, and I’s 43 grading from almost two weeks ago now. Today I want to talk about my visit with Master Jogn Dube.

I was in St. Catherines this past Sunday visiting one of my Masters. Master John Dube. A quiet martial arts legend and Martial Arts Hall of Famer. I went to see him for two reasons. One was to pick up Master Joyce’s and I’s Kukkiwon certificates from our Kukkiwon grading back in October 2010. Second reason was to just have a nice quiet visit with him. Master Dube is now 71 years old now and has a few health issues so I wanted to make sure I had the chance to visit with him. He is the first person to tell me that I will be a World Champion some day. ANd he was right. I won two World Championships back in 2010. Master Dube is the one that really got inside my head and eliminated all doubts about breaking. I can now pretty much strike anything knowing I won’t hurt myself. Master Dube is the kind of Master that can really get inside your skull and make you do things you would have thought impossible before. While I was visiting with him he gave me one of his old trophies which he won after coming out of competition retirement at 51 years old. Master Dube had retired after winning the Canadian Nationals at the Canadian Games as per instructions by his Master, Grandmaster Kim. After Grandmaster Kim passed away Master Dube decided to come back to the competition circuit down in Buffalo and he was his first tournament back. This was a special tournament to him and he wanted me to have the trophy. So come by my office and take a look at a trophy from a legend.

Now while Master Dube and I were talking he had a few words of wisdom and so here they are. Hope I got it as close to what he said as possible.


Master Dube also said people ask him about having lots of money as part of success and this is what he had to say about that.


Master Dube never did make tons of cash but he always fed his family and lived his life the way he wanted. We can all learn from his life. When he talks to you he is always fully engaged in your conversations and always has a smile on his family. If you ever get a chance to meet him please do so.

Hope you enjoyed reading thios blog as much as I enjoy listening to Master Dube talk.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

5th Dan Black Belt Grading/Power Weekend

Well Hello Everyone

It appears that I have survived 43 hours of Power Weekend and my 5th Dan Black Belt grading with Kwan Jan Nim (Master) Veronica DeSantos. Well I cannot go through all the details as what happens at power weekend and grading stays there but I will give you a little something from my experience as well as what Master Joyce thought of her 5th Dan Black Belt grading and soon to be Master Richard Bernier on his thoughts about his 4th Dan Black Belt grading.

Well our weekend started Friday afternoon as we left from Richard’s house and drove to Toronto. We had a nice drive and talked about various aspects of our lives as well as Taekwondo and our dojang. We arrived at DeSantos Martial Arts Studio on Main Street in Toronto shortly after 2pm and met up with Master DeSantos. We soon were blindfolded and taken out to the streets of Toronto where we were required to complete various tasks and make it back to the dojang before 5pm. At 5pm the higher level of Black Belt grading had to do presentations on their journey to black belt and demonstrate the various aspects of our training. After this we were put through lots of fitness challenges and workouts including taekwondo basics, cardio, strength, enduracne, as well as mental challenges. We were certainly put through the ropes with the instructors such as Ian Justin, Sean Ingram, Norm MacNeil, Tuan Tran, Raphael Waugh, Luca Vaccalluzzo, Jean-Pierre Goulet, and a few others I cannot think of at this moment but I do appreciate them for pushing us to our limits. I think Tuan Tran likes to torture me but I love it!!!! For anyone that does not know, I went for 3rd Dan when Tuan went for his 4th dan. We were partners most of the time at that grading. Try keeping up to him for 40 hours. Now that was a power weekend. Anyway I want to thank Tuan Tran for pushing me and challenging me to do more. Your extra little challenges for me were awesome. Thanks.

After that we supposedly were allowed to go to bed but not really. Sir Norm took us outside to do some more training. I was now one of the instructors that got to but the students through a little “FUN!” as I have experience twice before. 🙂 That was fun for me. After that we returned to the dojang for very little sleep. I was thinking maybe 45 minutes is all we got. We were then up and at it again. Sir Luca and Sir JP put us through a wake up workout to get the blood flowing. Awesome job guys. After that I got to do the warm up for the 8:30am class on Saturday morning in case you didn’t know what day it is right now in the story. We certainly lost track of time at some point during Friday night or was it Saturday morning. Anyway after that we were outside training with the bo staff. After that I taught a class on breaking. Then we were training kicking and self defense with Ma’am Toni and Master DeSantos. I think Master DeSantos was having too much fun with some of the drills. 😉 After that we went out to the neighbourhood to do some cleaning to show respect to the community. Now it was a 2 hour break time where we ate, cleaned up, and worked on patterns and what not’s to get ready for a long night. 6pm came around and we did another “WARM UP” with Ma’am Natalie who I tested with years ago at my first power weekend.

After our “warm up” we trained with Sidoshi Cort Elliot. A grandmaster of Ninjitsu. That’s right, I got to train with a real Ninja. Awesome experience. I have seen him teach before but never got a chance to work with him in person until now. He’s a real nice and humble man. Has great knowledge of martial arts. After that we were ran through various drills relating to striking, kicking, blocking, cardio, patterns, and other techniques of martial arts and Taekwondo. We were also tested how well we knew our patterns through various mental and physical challenges. I won’t go into detail about what everyone did but will tell you one of mine. Basically I had to do my favorite pattern which is Koryo. So no biggie right? We all know by now that Koryo is my favorite pattern, right? Well before I had to do Koryo I had to perform 15 tuck jump burpees followed by 5 pistol squats. Now that is not all. I was then required to place two glasses of water on the back of my hands and perform Koryo without spilling the glasses. Okay so no problem right? All I should have to do is focus on the pattern and my balance. Well not quite. I was also required to answer various questions about Koryo while performing it. I believe this whole thing was Sir Sean’s idea. But you know what? I love it!! Thanks Sean. He also told me that they were amazed how steady my hands were through the whole thing after doing though physical challenges first.

After all of this we finished the physical training and testing for Saturday night/Sunday morning with musical patterns. For though that do not know, musical forms is when you create your own unique form to musical. Very cool. After that we were given questions to ask and discuss the power weekend process up to this point. Well this was another late evening staying up or was it an early morning when we got to bed for like 2 hours of sleep or less. With little sleep we got up and cleaned the dojang and were off to the boardwalk for a nice Sunday morning run. The 2nd Dan’s and higher were required to run 6km while the 1st Dan’s were required to run 5km. Well I ran my 6km in 32 minutes and 2 seconds. Not too bad for a guy that has not went for a run since 2004 I believe. Running really screws up my knees as I am feeling it right now. They are really bad. Hard to walk up and down the stairs. Give me a skipping rope or a kettlebell and that is the cardio that works for me. Anyway I was one of the first to complete the run. After you were done your run you had to go back out and collect the rest that graded. So some of us clocked 7, 8, 9, 10 or more km’s before it was all done. Awesome experience.

Now I have left out a lot of details about what actually happened during power weekend and for good reason. It’s no good that you can just read about our experiences. I feel everyone should experience something like a power weekend. It really challenges you spirituality, mentally, and physically. It lets you know what you are made of. It teaches you to never give up and that there is no such thing as” I can’t”. Our Black Belt grading on June 18th here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do will be similar. Lots of challenges that will affect our students in a positive way.

During power weekend I have seen a lot. I saw people getting injured. I saw people deal with physical limitations and injuries. People struggling with various challenges and fears. I saw tears, blood, pain, and etc,. I also saw smiles. I saw hope. I say the indomitable spirit of man prevail over any and all challenges that we were faced with. As long as you have a strong will and a positive attitude you can overcome almost anything you set your mind to. I witnessed this time and time again over the weekend. Everyone was different in the way they got through the things that challenged them individually. What may have been someone else’s strength would have been another’s weakness. I see way too many times in my life people giving up way to easy because they were faced with a challenge that we thought was impossible to beat. To me that is just sad that they were not able to feel the pride of accomplishing something that was worthwhile. Remember “PAIN IS TEMPORALLY, PRIDE IS FOREVER.”

I now would like to take this moment and congratulate everyone for an awesome job at Power Weekend and accomplishing something that feel people will even dare to try or consider. I know it was tough but you did it. Be proud of yourself as I am very proud of you. I am glad I met you all. Some of you will become and are my friends.

I also want to thank all the instructors and helpers who encouraged us to never give up. Thank them for pushing us to our limits. Thanks for believing us. And Thanks for making us better people. Thanks to KJN Veronica DeSantos for everything she has done for me and my students. I cannot thank you enough for being the person you are.

I also want to thank Master Joyce and now the new Master Richard for grading with me at Power Weekend and trusting me in their training for power weekend. Thank you for supporting me during power weekend as well as all the training we did together. Power Weekend was made a little easier with you there. And finally thank you for supporting Cobourg Tae Kwon Do and what  we are trying to accomplish.

And thank you to Master Gayle, Sir Jeff, Ryan, and Angela for looking after the classes at the dojang on the weekend for us. Great job everyone. And thanks to my dad for looking after the dojang as well.

Okay now I think you are getting sick of reading what I have to say so now read what Master Joyce has to say about her 5th Dan Black Belt grading at Power Weekend.

YES I DID IT !!!!!

I successfully completed and will be receiving my 5th DEGREE KWAN BLACK BELT JJJJJ

From Kwan Jan Nim Veronica De Santos. She is a TRUE leader. In 1999 Kwan Jan Nim De Santos was the first woman to be inducted in the North American Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

My main purpose for this weekend was to physically challenge myself. From 2:30 Friday afternoon till 10:30 Sunday morning believe me it was a physical and mental challenge once again. This is my second power weekend. A grading of a lifetime. Oh I actually got 4 hours of sleep for the entire weekend. Pushups, burpees, kicking, running, jumping jacks, situps, pushups (oh did I say pushups) lifting & running, blindfolded, bo staff patterns, musical form, patterns, kicking, self defense, pushups, and etc,.All done inside the dojang, at a park or by the Waterworks Dept. at the beaches in Toronto.

I met once again Masters and martial artist I already knew and lots of new martial art friends! What an awesome experience once again. Everyone and everything we do is so positive.. People from all different backgrounds.

“Can’t” is not a word in that environment !!!With all of my training I did what I set out to do. FINISH AND FINISH STRONG !

I was asked a question about me grading for the same level of a belt as Jonathan who is my master.

That was probably after midnight on Friday (since there were no clocks to look at) I wasn’t sure how I answered but what I wanted to say is:

The belt represents your journey, what you put into it is what you walk away with. The level of the belt shouldn’t mean you are any different. We all have different levels of physical and mental skills. We all respect one another, we are all there for a purpose to challenge yourself and to rise above and step up. To bring out the best in everyone around us and help to make this a better world.

We live by the tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and Indomitable Spirit.

 Not only to be a leader but a follower – and Jonathan is that!


Now for Sir Richard’s take on Power Weekend and his 4th Dan Black Belt grading. Oh and 4th Dan is a Master Level in WTF Taekwondo.

Power Weekend,

Some people want to run marathons, others to write that quintessential novel. All TKD practitioners should complete a power weekend. The feeling you get that Sunday morning, the glow you still feel Monday and the pride that stays with you can never be replaced. There is no doubt that you have earned YOUR belt.

There is work involved, commitment and sacrifice. Over the last 8 months I have often heard the comment, ” jeez, I could never do something like that.” and that very hurdle is the first thing you will blast through. It looks insurmountable and at times during the weekend you think to yourself it is and yet you make it through. You are surrounded by a group of people of all ages, sizes, fitness levels, beliefs etc but they all strive for that belt and the recognition that they will have earned that belt. (Hint – if you complete a power weekend make sure the dobuk is neat and tidy.)

There is a great deal of stress during the weekend. This is by design and not out of some weird sense of cruelty. Like the steel blade of the katana, you must be stressed to make you both tough and supple. The weekend will do that to you.

You will be exposed to some of the most qualified martial artists in the world. BTW – these same instructors rave about our master(Master Jonathan).

In short, I am glad & proud to have completed the weekend. I have no doubt that I am a black belt – rank does not really seem to matter. I am proud to be from Cobourg TKD and feel exceptionally blessed to have completed the process with Sir Jonathan and Ma’am Joyce. Their support throughout the last 8 months and especially this last weekend certainly helped me through.

ps – Ask Joyce why she was crawling on her hands & knees, looking for her bed in the dark and calling my name. Let you imaginations run wild!


Well I hope you have enjoyed this long read. I enjoyed composing it but not as much as going through my third power weekend 🙂

Master Jonathan field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

Newspaper Article About Me/Upcoming Power Weekend

Hello Everyone

It’s been over a week since the last blog so here it is.

Last Thursday Northumberland News ran a full page feature on me. The Sports writer there contacted me and asked if I would be interested. He thought my story was interesting and inspiring. So I thought why not. We did an interview and here’s the link to view it online. CLICK HERE TO VIEW I have got quite a few compliments over the past few days from people I know as well as complete strangers in stores and while I was walking down the street. I am humbled by your comments. Thank you. And Thank you to Paul Rellinger, the Sports writer for the Northumberland News.

Okay another topic for today is the Power Weekend that is happening this weekend. From Friday May 6th at 5pm until Sunday May 8th at around 10am Master Joyce, Sir Richard, and I will be testing for our next Degrees of Black Belt at DeSantos Martial Arts by Grandmaster Veronica DeSantos. Sir Richard will be testing for his 4th Dan which will make him a Master. Master Joyce and I will be testing for our 5th Dans. This will be a long and grueling weekend that few dare to do but it will be so worth it.

And YES there will be normal classes on running on Friday and Saturday. We have 3 of our senior Black Belts teaching as well as a friend of ours. I have planned out some good classes so make sure you attend them. There will be lots of kicking during the kicking classes, lots of fun sparring and combos during the sparring classes, and full body Abs/core kick butt workouts for kettlebells. So make sure you come out to classes this weekend as the instructors are eager to teach you.

Well that is it for now.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do