Good Morning

How is your week going to be? I hope the answer is a good one. You have the power to make this week and any other week a good one. Regardless of what may come at you, you can still decide to make it a good week. Little bumps along the way shouldn’t make your week anything but good or even great. It is all about your attitude and how you perceive challenges. Yes they can add a little extra stress you may not want but when you look at the big picture how bad is it really? Probably not that bad at all. Probably not even worth worrying about. You are going to make it something good. It is strictly up to you to decide and not up to anyone else. No one else should have the power to control your good week. Focus on each day and keep it positive. Make it a good day every day so that the week will be taken care of one day at a time. The day all be taken care of one moment at a time. Your week is made up of good moments. Make each one count.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do



Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out.

It’s very natural for us as humans to let other people get inside of our heads and once they are there it is so hard to get them out. You know what I mean. We struggle for months and sometimes years to let go of negativity.

Well it’s our faults for allowing them into our heads in the first place. I believe we need to be more focused on the positive side of things and not allow the negative stuff to bother us so much.

Life is too short to allow so much negativity into our thoughts. It brings us down. We need to realize we deserve better and make a 100% effort to focus on the positive. The more positive things, thoughts, and people we allow into our head the less room there will be for negatives.

We need to realize that we only have a finite amount of room in our head. WHat we fill with this limited amount of space is up to us.

It’s like owning an apartment building. You only have a limited number of apartments to rent out. Once they are full you cannot rent out to anymore people unless you get rid of someone else first. ANd it’s not that easy to do. Your best bet is to fill your building with as much positive as you can.

The more positive you surround yourself with the more differently you will view the world compared to someone with tons of negatively in their lives.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Ever noticed how you treat others is a direct reflection on how they treat you? To the most part anyway. There is always exceptions about this. But yeah if you treat someone with respect and you are cheerful around them they tend to act the same way around you. On the flip side if you were negative towards another person they tend to shoot that negative energy right back at you. Sometimes people if you back 100% of what you give them and other times they will give you more or less depending on their personality.

The key to the whole thing though is to stop and think about how you want to be treated. How do you want people to see and treat you. Do you want positive or negative interactions with others. What is it that you wish to accomplish with each interaction with a person. The best rule of thumb and you have heard this before is to treat others like you want to be treated.

This leads into the next topic for today. A key benefit to Taekwondo and Martial Arts training for children is they learn how to treat others with respect and a positive attitude. Right off the bat they are taught to respect their instructors, their fellow students, and their parents. They are taught Yes Sir, Yes Ma’am. To say May I and Please. They are taught to listen properly to show respect and discipline. They learn that if they do these things then that they will be treated with the same level of respect and positive attitude. Society does not always give children and teens the same level of respect as they are younger. I say if you want the children and teens to show more respect then we have to show them more respect and set an example how to carry ourselves.

Master Jonathan Field

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