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Here are the videos from the Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony held on Friday June 29th as part of our Black belt Ceremony. As you know we inducted Grandmaster John Dube and Master Joyce Farrell. Enjoy the videos.

Grandmaster John Dube

Master Joyce Farrell

Master Jonathan Field

4 Time Martial Arts World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

The Passing of Master John Dube

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With a deeply sadden heart I regret to inform you that one of my Masters’ Master John Dube has recently passed away. I received the telephone call yesterday notifying us that Master Dube lost his battle against his health issues which he has been dealing with for several years. Mainly the past 2 years or so have been the worst. He was always a fighter and never gave up but this time he lost the fight. He’s finally at rest reunited with his late wife and daughter. Survived by his sons, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. It rained here for a bit yesterday and I now know why. It was god crying as Master Dube was probably up there training and sparring with god and kick his butt! LOL ūüôā

I will admit that it was pretty hard to teach three Taekwondo classes and a fitness kickboxing class after hearing the news of his passing. Some of you may have noticed I was quieter than normal. I do apologize. I just needed some time with my thoughts.  See it would be easy for one to remember how Master Dube spent his past few years and how he passed by I would rather remember him for how he lived. He was a great Master of Taekwondo but an even greater teacher of life! He stood a man who has lived a difficult life from time to time but never once did he let that get him down. He always had a smile on his face and he faced every challenge with the bravest of hearts and a clear sharp intelligent mind. He thought with his mind but listened to his heart. He was a gentle man yet very strong and powerful. He knew you needed a balance and was a living example of that. He always took care of his family before he ever took care of himself. He had wisdom like no other person I have ever knew. He was a great technician of martial arts and a greater teacher. He had knowledge that many masters combined wish they had.

I remember the first time I met Master Dube. It was late February 2004 at the Ontario Open Martial Arts ¬†Provincial Championships in Hamilton Ontario Canada. I was just standing around in the crowd waiting for my division to come up so I could compete. He saw my uniform said Cobourg and he came right over to me and asked if I was from Cobourg and he said he knew people from there. ¬†Later that day I got the privilege to judge some pattern divisions with him. I sat down beside him and notice he had no stripes(degrees) on his black belt. I asked him if he was a black belt and he said no I am a 7th degree black belt. He said this very kindly. He so could have chewed me out like some other masters I know probably would have. ¬†I also got to compete against him in the adult black belt korean forms where I got 4th place. I believe he won higher up than me. The last time I saw Master Dube he told me a story about this particular tournament. He said that I had gone up for one of my events and I guess some of the others said “Oh what can this little guy do/!” Master Dube said “You keep watching him, he’ll surprise you some day.” He was the first person to believe in me as a competitor.

I have been lucky enough to have been a several tournaments with him since that day both competing against each other as well as judging along side each other. We even have had to judge each other. Always being unbiased and strictly fair judging. Some times we sucked and lost and other times we rocked and won. I remember the last tournament he ever competed in. It was at the Battle of Warriors International Taekwondo Championships held in Georgetown Ontario. This tournament brought in competitors from across Canada, United States, and United Kingdom. Master Dube was in his late 60’s and his health problems just started to get worst. He was competing in the Korean Black Belt Forms division against competitors 20 plus years younger than him and he won!! He had superior technique, balance, and execution. What a way to retire for the second time. Yes I said for a second time. Master Dube once retired from active competition many years ago after winning the Canadian Nationals. His Master told him to retire and focus on teaching. So he listened. After the passing of his Master he returned to active competition in his fifties and continued to dominate. He traveled all across Canada, United States, and Europe. Winning 100’s of championships and seeing the world with his wife. That’s how he wanted to live his life and he did it!!!

I have been lucky enough to know Master Dube for a short eight years but that time is invaluable to me. He has taught me some invaluable lessons and I’ll carry on his teachings and legacy to my students. Some lessons will be taught to the massive while others lessons will be taught only to a few. Keeping with tradition of the martial arts and teachings of it. Certain lessons may only be passed down from one generation to the next to a handful. Master Dube knew stuff that a person with true integrity and self control should only know. I always hated it when he told me to hit or attack him as I knew I would be in a lot of pain. But I always did what I was told as I knew the lessons would be value. I have also come to know that if you do not do what a master says the outcome won’t be as nice as what was asked of you. One must do exactly what one is told so that the teachings can be done properly otherwise you aren’t learning what you new to learn. Even at a supposedly elderly age Master Dube was not a person to be messed with. I or anyone else I knew knows better than to challenge him to a fight or sparring match. He knew some scary things showing true power comes from knowledge and wisdom and not of sheer physical strength.

Every time I ever had the pleasure to meet with Master Dube he always taught me many of lessons both in Taekwondo and in life. Most of the time the lessons were not so obvious at the time. Others were immediately empowering the moment he taught them. I carry the lessons he taught me inside. Never to forget them. I use some of them with me students. I will be more aware now to pass along more of his knowledge. It was his knowledge that eventually help me become a world champion. He told me about 5 years ago that I was going to be a future world champion. First person to believe in my dream of winning an ISKA World Title Belt. I am very glad I got the chance to show him the belt in person. You could tell how proud he was of me and that belt. He never would take any credit for helping me win. He said that it was all me. He said I may have open the door for you but it was up to you to walk through it. He said the only thing he will take credit for is taking my fear away. That he did!

There is so much I can write about Master Dube but I would be here for many months writing it all down. I have written a few other blogs about him over the past few years. Search for them and read them. Remember who he was so he is truly never gone. He was the only Master that I had to call Master. I could not bring myself to call him John. He never asked to be called Master but I had that much respect for the legend and the man he was. If you ever met him you were blessed. If you never got the chance to than you truly missed out. I’ll do my best to cary on his teachings and his legacy. I am sure you’ll hear me talk about him a bunch more. Probably not right now as it still saddens me but soon.

Rest In Peace Master John Dube


Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


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Each year our black belts that are grading must come up and do a community based project that will benefit our local, or global community in which we live in. The first one I want to write about is the project Liam Andrews is doing. Liam is grading for his 2nd Degree Black Belt in June.

Liams project involved joining the Eastern Ontario Bluebird association to aid in the building, placing, monitoring, providing proper food for the young and most importantly counting and reporting fledgling losses and successes during the season. Liam had to build his own boxes according to the societies plan and mount them in the proper habitat.
He also wrote a small paper on the eastern Bluebird and donated it to his schools outdoor classroom seeing that the school is located as well in a Bluebird friendly habitat.
Also here’s a picture of Master Richard Bernier’s poster from his Black Belt grading in May 2011.
Master Jonathan Field
4 Time Martial Arts World Champion


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As I mentioned yesterday I would post some of the past Black Belt Journey Posters that our students have done.

These are the only ones at the moment that I could find. If I find anymore I’ll post them. Keep coming back to see the 2012 Black Belt Journey Posters as they start to come in. I’ll be posting the community based projects the candidates are doing as well.

Also here’s a quick video from Tom Callos on Black Belt grading. He speaks of a few concepts that I really agree with.

Master Jonathan Field

4 time Martial Arts World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


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Wow I am back for like a fourth blog on the week. Been super motivated to write this week. Also making up for lost time, Today’s blog is about choosing the right people or examples to follow when you are in your Taekwondo or Martial Arts classes. Actually you can use some of or all of criteria below in other classes as well.

The criteria I picked are; Black Belts or Higher Belts, Proper Technique, Humble, Knowledgable, Helpful, High Energy, Fit/Healthy, Respectful, Disciplined. This is just a small list I came up with. You can certainly add or take away from it but it gives you a general idea. Also as a student or teacher/instructor you want to pick up these traits for yourself. You want to be the best example you can be for yourself as well as for others to follow.

Okay let’s go through each trait quickly. Obviously on top of the list is you want to be following Black Belts or Higher Belts than you. But this is subject-able. Not all Belts are equal. Be careful who you follow as an example for yourself. You want to pick examples of good quality technique. Pick the person with the technique you think it awesome. SOme people are better at certain kicks while others are better at blocks. You can certainly choose to follow various examples. But do pick the techniques that you want to look like. Pick people that are humble to follow. No point in choosing a role model that is cocky about their skills. You’ll unknowingly pick up on that negative trait. Follow the higher belts that truly do know their stuff. You can tell the ones that know what they are talking about versus the ones that just get by. Knowledge is a continuos process.It never stops. Pick the person that is willing to keep learning and admit when they do not know.

The higher belts that will automatically help the lower belts without being asked and doesn’t require any recognition for their efforts is someone to follow. Choose the person who has high energy for that they love to do. If it seems like they just show up and go through the motions then they probably aren’t the ones that you should follow. Choose the ones that makes the simplest blocks super fun. Your role model should be fit and healthy to do the things they ask you to do. They lead by example. If they ask you to do 100 push ups, have they done it before? The example you choose to follow in class should be a respectful person. Do they treat others with respect and are courteous? Your role model should be well disciplined in class. Do they stand properly in line, do they answer YES SIR or NO SIR, do they talk in class when they are not suppose to? ¬†Choose your role models in class wisely and choose to be an awesome example for others to follow.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this one.

Master Jonathan Field

4 Time Martial Arts World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Hello Everyone

Told ya I would be back tomorrow. I got some more pictures I found off of facebook and thought I would post them here and let you know what’s on my mind.

Okay so as you can see the first picture is about your chances of succeeding. It’s all about the proper mental attitude going into a challenge or whatever it is that you are doing. You truly need to believe you are going to be successful. Now just believing you are going to be successful is obviously not just enough. You need to know the things you need to know to allow you to be successful. You do not know what you do not know until you learn them. You need to plan and approach what your challenge or whatever it is you are doing with knowledge and wisdom. Whether you are successful will rely on how well you prepared yourself as well as many outside factors in which you cannot control. If you are unsuccessful the first time then you will be better equipped the next time because you have knowledge, wisdom, and experiences you did not have before. The only true time you can guarantee success is after it has happened and you know exactly how it happened so you can repeat the progress over and over and duplicate it.

Okay now the next two pictures kind of lead you into one way or more to be successful. Teachers and instructors are a way to obtain knowledge and wisdom to achieve success. But teachers and instructors can only do so much for you. Instructors can tell you what to do but it is up to you to listen to them carefully and do it. And do it without question. They have wisdom and experiences you do not have. Instructors will explain things to you in a way that they hope you will understand based on their understandings and experiences. It’s up to you to understand the meanings and if you do not, you need to ask or try to understand before asking. Do not dismay something because it may appear different to you. Give it a try first.

Instructors will demonstrate through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual actions. They truly are what they teach. Watch and listen with all your senses and truly embrace what you are being taught. Be graceful for the chance to be experiencing what you are experiencing. Appreciate that you are being allowed to be taught. Be a respectful student and actually learn the best you can. Instructors are here to inspire you. Use them as motivation and inspiration for yourself to grow as a person and as a student. Never be jealous or compare yourself.  All of this is based on an instructor that truly loves what they are doing and strives to be the best they can be. There is very few that can say that. They do not have to say that though. They lead by example. They continuously train, learn, and teach. They make continuos progressions. Never satisfied as to where they are. They keep moving forward.

Great teachers learn various ways. They train with training partners. A good training partner or partners can really enhance the skills of the instructor. Instructors need to train just as much if not more than their students in order to improve their skills. They also learn a lot by training with partners because they pick up on their own habits. Instructors learn through being taught by other instructors through classes, seminars, training camps, demonstrations, and various other medias. They learn through teaching their students. They see what they are doing and what can be improved upon and what is working. They learn through personal experiences and that of others. One should never ever question a great teacher’s teaching method or process of teaching a lesson because you do not know the reasonings behind the lessons or perhaps how their individual experiences have shaped it. All great instructors and teachers know what they are doing and the students must obey them providing there is best of intentions. A student’s only concerns should be to show up for their lessons and be ready to work hard and learn. Students do not need to or should not concern themselves with anything else.

Hope you enjoyed my third blog of the week.

Master Jonathan Field

4 Time Martial Arts World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

Christmas Holiday Schedule/Motivational Words

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The following is the holiday schedule here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do.

– Open up to and including Saturday December 24th, 2011 (Morning classes on Saturday)
– Closed December 25th to December 27th
– Open for regular classes Wednesday December 28th and Thursday December 29th.
– Closed Friday December 30th and Saturday December 31st.
– Reopen for regular classes MOnday January 2nd, 2012.
Here’s some motivational words.
– It’s better to try something great and fail, than to do nothing at all and succeed at it.
–¬†Success is the greatest motivator!!!
–¬†Winners don’t have time to blame, they’re too busy getting ready for the next challenge.
–¬†Success isn’t overnight. Its when everyday you get a little better than the day before.
–¬†Failure is like driving down a dead end road and turning around to find a better route.
–¬†The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be!!!
–¬†Success is important but what you do with your success is even more important.
I find those motivational words to be so true. They really need no further breakdown.
Hope you enjoyed and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe Holiday.
Master Jonathan Field

Hierarchy of Instructors and Black Belts

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Today’s blog is about the hierarchy of Instructors and Black Belts in Taekwondo. I had an adult Taekwondo student out of general curiosity and for their own personal knowledge ask me what the hierarchy of the instructors’ spot in the class line up, and how it worked. I also realize that most people are wondering the same thing.So here it is.

At our dojang the head instructor of that particular class stands at the front of the class facing the students. The students line up from highest rank to lowest rank in front of the instructor starting at the instructor’s left side moving down the ranks to the instructors’s right. So for example if there was 10 students in class with 3 red belts, 3 blue belts, 3 yellow belts and 1 white belt the order would go like this. ¬†Front Line: Red, Red, Red, Blue, Blue ¬†Black Line: Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, White ¬† Now if their was a second instructor helping teach class then that instructor would stand to the left of the front line in the assistant/instructor spot. If there was a third instructor in class helping teach then they would line up behind the second instructor and to the left of the back line. So the line of command for that class would be the main structor is first in command, the second instructor is second in command, and the third instructor is third in command. Also at my school only the black belts are only allowed to stand in these spots.

As far as the ranks goes for Black Belts the highest rank in that school most commonly the owner of the dojang is first command. They are in charge of overseeing all Black Belts and Colour Belts. I am gonna use my dojang for example. I hold a 5th Dan Black Belt but so does Master Joyce. I out rank her because I own the school granted she has been in Taekwondo a few years longer and is of older age than I. If I didn’t won Cobourg Tae Kwon Do then she would out rank me. Now we have two 4th Dan Masters here at our dojang too. Master Gayle would out rank Master Richard as she has held 4th Dan longer and is currently training for her 5th Dan grading in May 2012. Next we got some 2nd degree black belts here as well. Sir Jeff would out rank Sir Reilly, Sir Brodie, or Sir Ismael as he is an adult 2nd degree black belt versus a junior second degree black belt. Now for our 1st degreess,Sir Ryan, Sir Luke or Sir Liam would out rank Ma’am Mikaela and Sir Liam because they are older. We also got several black belts and the adults out rank the juniors. We got several more black belts and higher ranks but these are just a few examples. Way too many to list here at this time.

So in a nutshell a 5th degree outranks a 4th degree, a 3rd degree outranks a 2nd degree, a 2nd degree outranks a 1st degree, a 1st degree outranks a black belt,  and a black belt outranks a colour belt. Adult black belts will outrank the junior black belts.

Another thing to take in consideration as well as what you call them. Different schools have slightly different ways of doing this. The two I have seen are that you call the Black Belts and Instructors Sir or Ma’am, or Mr. and Ms. I have always be taught to cal the higher ranks Sir or Ma’am. So Jacob for example who is a black belt here would be called Sir or Sir Jacob or Mikaela who is a 1st degree would be called Ma’am or Ma’am Mikaela. Master Joyce or Master Gayle would be called Master or Ma’am with or without their names mentioned after. Master Richard and myself would be referred to Master Richard, Master Jonathan, Master, or Sir.

Some more on what to call the instructors. Master or master of the school is known as Kwan Jan Nim in Korean. An instructor is Sa Buhm Nim in Korean. A more personal name for a instructor in Korean is Soo Buhm Nim. Also as far as competition teams goes the more experience instructors, black belts, and students are higher up the line of command. And Black Belts are called upon in class more to lead exercises and demonstrate new techniques as they are the ones that show be able to do it properly and give an positive example for everyone else to follow.

Okay now this all seems like everyone is just trying to climb the ranks to be the one in charge and have more respect granted to them. This is quite the opposite. Higher ranks just lets everyone else know that that person has more knowledge and can help teach lower ranks. Also regardless of rank at my school everyone is referred to Sir or Ma’am to show mutual respect because at the end of the day we are all still basically human, We all brush our teeth the same. We all have feelings. We all feel love and pain.

I hope this gives everyone a good idea of the whole ranking system and line of command. If you got any questions let me know.

Master Jonthan Field

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