How Is Board Breaking Related to Self Defense for Women?

Ma’am Cheryl and Master Jonathan discuss How Is Board Breaking Related to Self Defense for Women at the 2022 Southern Ontario Spring Martial Arts Invitational at the Cobourg Community Centre. This video shows the debut event of the IMAF Horizontal Combat Board Breaking.

Master Jonathan Field

Reality Of Knife Attacks – Discussion About Real Knife Self Defense

A discussion About Real Knife Self Defense and the Reality Of Knife Attacks. Real Knife fights and self defense situations are nothing like what Hollywood movies show them to be. The Reality Of Knife Attacks is very messy, unpredictable, and extremely dangerous to your health. Knowing how to defend yourself against a real knife attack takes a lot of training and at the end, the best defense is leaving the situation as soon as you can without engaging with the knife or your attacker.

Master Jonathan

How To Defend Against Collar Grab – 3 Simple Defenses Against Lapel Grabs

You will learn How To Defend Against Collar Grab in this video with 3 simple defenses against the collar or lapel grabs. Ranging from you need to defend yourself with self defense strikes to defending yourself with joint locks, to using your situational awareness to deflect an attempted attack. Defend against collar grabs works against someone grabbing your shirt or coat.

Master Jonathan Field

Self Defense Keychain – How To Use The Kubaton

Introducing the Self Defense Keychain and How To Use The Kubaton self defense keychain with your other self defense moves and self defense strikes to develop a good self defense strategy to defend yourself against an attacker. The kubaton is simple to use and easy to carry in your hand while you go to and from your car, home, work, or school. Acts both as a self defense weapon and a tool for deterrence against potential attackers.

Master Jonathan Field

How To Fight Like Miyagi Do Karate – Are The Blocks Real?

An in-depth look at How To Fight Like Miyagi Do Karate by looking at whether or not the blocks are for real or not? We all know the Miyagi Do Karate blocks from The Karate Kid movies and Cobra Kai Netflix series, but are these blocks real martial arts defense techniques or just made up? Can you the miyagi do blocking techniques in real self defense?

Master Jonathan Field