When you need something to believe in, start with yourself first.

Yes you read that correctly.

You are the one that got you to where you are today.

It was your inner strength that helped you all these years with all the challenges and obstacles that were thrown at you.

It was your determination not to quit every time something got bad or seems too hard.

It was you that taught yourself how to walk and talk when you were just a little baby.

It was your intelligence that got you this far in your life.

It was your self confidence that allowed you to achieve things that others thought you couldn’t.

It is you that is an amazing person.

It was your integrity that allowed you to stand up against the things that were wrong.

It was your acts of courtesy that made others feel good.

It was your self control that kept you calm and collected when it could have been easy to completely loose yourself in the moment.

It was all you. You are the only thing that you need to truly believe in. Others can help you along the way and support you be it’s but to you ultimately. You can beleive in other people but it’s up to them to believe in themselves too.

Help yourself believe in you and help others believe in themselves.

Hmm I think this could also be self defense for your confidence. Believing in yourself early on will help prevent a low self esteem. Keep practicing every day good habits and things that will help yourself believe in you. The more positive things you do and say about yourself the better off you will be. Make sure the positive self talks out weigh or out number the negative things you say about yourself by at least 10 to 1. Avoid negative self talk as much as you can. You are better than that.

Master Jonathan Field

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