Front Choke Defenses You Should Know | Self Defense Moves

Ma’am Cheryl and Master Jonathan go over a few front choke defenses you should know in case you ever find yourself in a self-defense situation where someone is choking you and you have to defend yourself. Being choked is a real threat you have to deal with right away as you can pass out from lack of oxygen pretty quickly. Your top priority when being choked is to deal with the front choke with choke defense techniques to clear the airway so you can breathe before you can apply other defense techniques to create opportunities to escape the situation.

Master Jonathan Field

5 Halloween Self Defense Moves For Teens and Girls

Learn Five Halloween Self Defense Moves that every Teen and Young Girl should know to help protect themselves from a potential attacker while out trick or treating. Halloween is a fun time to get dressed up in your favorite costumes and go out with your friends to have a good time. Because of the nature of Halloween being at night while it is dark out and everyone is wearing Halloween costumes, there is a bit of a higher risk of potential dangers out there, and knowing some basic self defense moves and tips can help prevent encountering some of these potential dangers.

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– Saturday August 21, 2021

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Number One Self Defense Technique To Teach Your Daughter

Number One Self Defense Technique To Teach Your Daughter today. In this video, Master Jonathan discusses what he believes is the Number One Self Defense Technique To Teach Your Daughter. This is one of the top women’s self defense tips that Ma’am Cheryl and Master Jonathan teach at their women’s defense and empowerment workshops. This one self defense technique helps reduce the risk of being attacked greatly compared to not using this one self defense technique that you should be teaching your daughter after watching this video.

Master Jonathan Field

How To Look More Confident For Women’s Self Defense

How To Look More Confident For Women’s Self Defense is taught by Master Jonathan Field, one of the co-founders of Empowered. This video goes over five self-defense tips for women and young girls on how to look and act more confident to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of an attack. When it comes to self defense for women, the way you look and present self-confidence can help reduce the risks of potential attacks because assailants tend to avoid women who look and act confident because it gives the presumption that this confident woman will be trouble and can handle herself. Exactly what a predator doesn’t want.

Master Jonathan Field