2 Beginner Sparring Drills To Improve Your Kicking | Self Defense For Women

Today’s vdieo goes over 2 beginner sparring drills you can use right now to improve your kicking while sparring. If you are in Taekwondo, Kickboxing, or another martial arts style that includes kicking in your sparring, these drills are for you. Knowing how to kick properly in sparring can be a little tricky at first for beginners but with a little practice, you will learn how to go with the natural flow of how the body wants to move while performing kicks. You can generate a lot of speed and power with good kicking techniques, combined with some flexibility and agility. Kicking is also a valuable tool when it comes to self defense for women. Again the legs are super powerful and can do a lot of damage to your assailant if attacked, therefore creating opportunities to escape the self defense situation.

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2 Beginner Sparring Drills To Help Improve Your Striking

These 2 Beginner Sparring Drills will help you improve your striking tody before your next sparring match or class at your martial arts school. These two sparring drills focus on one and two strikes so you can focus on the proper form of each strike as well as learning to see what these strikes look like when they are coming at you. The sooner you can recognize the various punches and kicks, the sooner you can respond to them with the proper defenses and counter strikes of your own. These are of key importance for both taekwondo sparring/martial arts sparring, as well as for your self defense training. SParring specific ways can help you with your self defense skills.

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Sparring is like playing a game of chess except you and your opponent/partner are the chess pieces and the dojang mats is your chess board. In chess you basically use different pieces which all have different moves that they are allowed to do to take out your opponent’s pieces through the use of strategy. You try to stay a few moves ahead of your opponent and try to predict what they will do when you this a certain move so you can counter them and take their piece of the board.

Sparring is the same way. You use the mats as a big game board where you move in various directions trying to set up various strikes on your partner/opponent. You execute certain moves to invoke a desired reaction so you can utilize your desired techniques that you are trying to set up. Of course your partner/opponent is also trying to do the same thing. So many moves get cancelled out so you move onto the next strategy or combination to try and score points.

It’s all just one big game of trying to out score your partner/opponent. How can you out think them. How can you get done what you want to get done. How can you entrap the other person so you have them right where you want them. Learning to make them move they way you want them to move so you can easily set them up for an attack or counter attack. Being able to think ahead three or four moves and predict various outcomes based on what the other person does. Getting into the flow state where you are merely allowing the techniques to do all the work and you are merely a passenger on an awesome right. Your mind and body acting as if they don’t need you present because they just doing everything right.

Of course, just like chest, sparring takes a lot of practice. You simply just have to do it and allow the process of learning to take place. You can apply extra study. You can really focus on what is really happening. You can ask a lot of questions and do a lot of reading on the topic. This all aids in learning a little faster but the best experience to get better is just getting out there and doing it.

There will be times when you feel you won and other times where you feel you lost. The one true thing is that you never really lose if you keep trying. If you keep focusing on getting better each time. Losing is not really losing. It’s another way for you to learn. And when you learn, you win!

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cobourg tae kwon do sparringWhy is attending sparring classes important? For many reasons really.

  1. It helps develop your reflexes
  2. Teaches you proper mental, physical, and emotional control
  3. Teaches you how to use your skills on a live opponent(partner)
  4. You become use to physical contact
  5. Good test of endurance and cardio when under stress
  6. Builds your confidence
  7. Teaches you to be focused on the present moment
  8. Teaches you to use strategy
  9. Gives you a sense of challenge
  10. Allows you to try your techniques out in a controlled and safe manner

And the list can go on and on.

A good sparring class is a very fun exciting class for most. Over the years I have played with many different ways to run a sparring class and I have come across a style I really enjoy because the students are enjoying it and are getting more benefits from it. I am seeing improved sparring in a short time and more smiles during and at the end of sparring classes.

I hope to see more students out for the Thursday sparring classes as well as the Saturday morning sparring class. Let’s have some fun!

Master Jonathan Field

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