This letter was posted yesterday on facebook by a facebook friend of mine who shared this from someone else. I don’t know if this letter is for real as in somewhat actually wrote it to some or whether it is just a hoax that got posted on the internet. Either way I find it quite disgusting. All that was written is clearly false. I cannot imagine anyone feeling this way about special needs. Yes I do realize there is people out there that feel this way but I certainly hope they wouldn’t never go to this length to discriminate or belittle. Those who do discriminate and belittle are very ignorant.

I personally believe that our society is above and beyond that. There is so many great programs out there that really help out special needs and gets them involved in the community in a positive and encouraging way. I know just in our community of Northumberland County we have various programs run through Community Living, the YMCA, as well as our Taekwondo program geared towards special needs.

I commend those who volunteer and support the special needs in our local and international community. Keep up the great work.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

Special Needs Taekwondo Grading June 2013 VIDEO

Special Needs Taekwondo Grading June 2013

On June 12, 2013 we conducted our Special Needs Taekwondo Grading for seven of our students. They did a wonderful job with warm ups, stretches, punching, blocking, kicking, board breaking, and patterns. Great job everyone.

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