Check out the link below to a video of a competitor that really shows that she enjoys competition and the process. I think it is quite inspiring to see someone enjoying the moment and being in the zone all at the same time. We can all inspire to be like her.


Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


One of the duties of a parent/guardian, a teacher, an instructor, a leader, a mentor, and etc,. is to help develop strong children.

I am not just referring to building physically strong children but also mentally and spiritually.

We all should take great pride in building our children up or the children we work with up.

Our goal should be to help children develop into strong adults with good morals, high self esteem, good health, and be able to roll with the punches.

We ought to give children lessons that challenge them on many levels so they can learn to problem solve and overcome any obstacle that is presented to them.

Sometimes it may be hard to see children struggle a little but that is all apart of developing into strong adults. It’s no good to completely shelter and baby a child.

Obviously you need to protect your children from the bad stuff. You’d be crazy not to. However some of the things you may call bad may not be. Children need to experience a certain amount of things on their own in order to develop strong.

Facing hardships, disappointments, and etc,. is not a bad thing. Children learn to react to these challenges by how we react to them. So how do you react to them? Are you calm and cool or do you get all upset and fluttered? What messages are you sending out to the children saying that your behaviour is okay?

Our goals as society should be to create a strong next generation of smart, talented, hardworking people that can arise and overcome and and all challenges with such grace that we can all inspire to be like.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae kwon Do


Hello Everyone

I recently just had a former student from a few years back interview me for a college project she is doing on mentors. So here is part TWO of the interview.

5. Who has influenced you the most and how/why?

The person who has influence me the most in business and in martial arts is my Master, Grandmaster Veronica DeSantos. She is a very smart business woman who runs a very successful taekwondo school. She herself is a great martial artist who has won world championships and is the first woman ever to be inducted into the hall of fame. My master always gives me advice whether I want it or not and puts into in a way that I get it and makes me want to do it for her and for myself.

6. What would you do differently if given the opportunity?

I don’t think I would do anything differently as every experience we have is a lesson to be learned. I have never done anything bad or against the law so I don’t have any regrets there. I see everything as a opportunity to grow. If we were able to go back and change things we may not be the person9s) we are today.

7. When is breaking the rules okay?

That is a tricky question. I guess you have to look at your own ethics, values, and self integrity. To know what is right or wrong and do what is right regardless of your personal outcome.

8. What do you see as upcoming trends in the industry?

I see more and more people using social medias and the internet to get their messages across more. I see young people taking more control of the industry and changing it. I also see more focus on businesses doing more charitable work and creating more awareness for the causes they believe in.

These are short answers. I could go on and on and go into much further details. Also these answers can change in a short few months based on the learning experiences I go through.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Hello Everyone

I recently just had a former student from a few years back interview me for a college project she is doing on mentors. So here is part one of the interview.

Short Bio (why they are capacitated to be your mentor):

I was born February 7, 1983 in Cobourg Ontario. I went to Burnham Public School, Terry Fox Public School, and I graduated from CDCI WEST High School Grade 12 in 2001 with honors and OAC in 2002. I graduated with honors from Trillium College with a Diploma in Business Administration and a certification in Supervisory Management. I started my Taekwondo training in February 1998. I bought my taekwondo dojang from my original instructor in May 2003 while still attending college at the age of 20. I won my first two world championship in July 2010, two more in 2011, and my last one in 2012. I set a new world record in July 2013. I have been featured on ESPN, Fightsports network, and tomcast. I earned my fifth degree black belt in June 2011. As of this writing I have been nominated for an award at the first ever Breakers Hall of Fame in Norwich Connecticut on October 26, 2013. I have also won several people choice and reader’s choice awards. Have received two letters of congrats from local members of parliament, received a plague from the Mayor of Cobourg, and won a civic award from the town of Cobourg in 2012.

1. What values are you committed to?

The values I am committed to are; loyalty, courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance, respect, friendship, hard and smart work, and continuos learning.

2. How would you describe your modus operandi (life perspective)?

I would have to say that I look at life as a learning experience. We are always growing and learning. We must seek out what we are meant to do in life and embrace it fully. We are here to help build each other up and never put each other down.

3. What qualities do you look for in the people you hire/surround yourself with?

I look for the following qualities in people I hire/work with/hang out with: integrity, honesty, hard working, intelligence, independence, clever, loyal, outgoing, creative, and fun.

4. How do you show others that you believe in them?

I show others that I beleive in them by giving them more responsibilities when I know they can handle them. I teach them new things that I may not teach others because I know they will benefit from more from the knowledge and experience. I give them extra projects that will help them become good leaders. My main job besides teaching martial arts is developing new leaders. I make them feel like they are contributing to something big.

These are short answers. I could go on and on and go into much further details. Also these answers can change in a short few months based on the learning experiences I go through.

Master Jonathan Field




We are born with natural abilities that we excel at. There is also new abilities that can be taught. Abilities is a state of mind.


To excel in your abilities you must be motivated to do so. Motivation is the reason behind why you do what you do. What is the reasons that keep you motivated.


Your attitude decides how well and how far you go. Being positive or negative will reflect upon how things turn out. You choose your attitude for your desires outcome.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do