It’s a two way street! Well it’s suppose to be that way. Ever know someone that you wanted to say that too? You know, the person that expects you to do things for them but they don’t return the favor. Or the person that expects respect yet has none to give. The person that is quick to jump all over someone else but if you ever did that to them you’d be in the wrong. Basically this is the type of person you normally try to avoid in life right? Yup pretty much because they see the street as an one way street and not that of two ways.

You see life is a two way street. What you put out in one direction is what should come back in the opposite direction. If you are courteous and polite to others you expect that in return. If you go out of your way to help others, in some form or fashion it will come back to you. But to do so without expectations as not to be selfish.

The golden rule of treat others like you want to be treated is all about the two way street. If everyone worked towards this ideal then I believe we would be all better off. And yes I know it is hard sometimes to follow this one hundred precent as there is many people who make it difficult and challenges us but that is okay. It’s okay because it will strengthen our personal belief of the two way street and the ones that are on the one way street can only go one way and won’t be able to turn around.

So whenever you can try to see all situations and interactions with others as a two way street and see the two directions.

Master Jonathan Field