When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed.


When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed.

I think that is pretty straight forward but let’s just go into a little more depth but not too much.

Basically what this statement is say is that you NEED to do all your preparation before it is time for you to perform. You only get that one moment to perform and you cannot take that time back. All the preparations and hard work happens well before the time to perform happens. You cannot expect to perform well if you didn’t take your preparations seriously.

Let’s look at it from an athletic stand point. If an athlete did not spend the proper amount of time doing their physical conditioning, practicing and training their skills, mental preparations, and nutrition they cannot expect to be the best they can be on the day of competition. They have to be on top of their training in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional sense. They are 110% focused on what they need to do at that exact moment. They know there is no second chances at competition or at training. Once that moment has passed it’s gone forever.

Or let’s look at a student in school. For a student to do well on a final exam they have to do several things to prepare. They need to focus in class during lectures and have to be engaging with the class. They need to work hard on all assignments and get the best grades possible. They need to study for all the tests and quizzes that are throughout the year. They need to be studying and really learning the material through the year or semester. They do all this and they should do great on the final exam. They realize that doing last second preparations won’t help them any.

Excelling at the moment that you have to perform is a habit of doing your preparatory work all the time! This applies to all aspects of life.

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