Cobourg Tae Kwon Do adult message of the week self disciplineThis week’s Adult Message of the Week is: Self Discipline

Having the discipline to do things on your own without being told to do it.

Self Discipline is doing the things you have to do regardless of whether you like them or not.

As adults we have a far greater number of responsibilities compared to children but we as adults have to have the discipline to get everything done that is needed. We have to show the discipline as to set a good example for others to follow.

Self discipline allows us to get the things done that are needed so we can go enjoy the things that make us extra happy.

Self Discipline is the thing that keeps us moving. It allows us to stay strong and fit. It allows us to form good habits.

Self Discipline is a habit that we must practice over and over again.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Let’s review some more of our words of the week.

Honesty – “being truthful”, always seek to do what is right.

Obedience – “a sense of duty”, fulfilling obligations and following the rules.

Humility – “freedom from pride”, avoid becoming foolishly over-confident.

I want you to consider the following questions about each of these three words.

1. WHat does the word really mean to you?

2. How do you use this word in everyday life?

3. How can you find ways to use these words more often?

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Good Morning

Here is another review on some of the word of the weeks we have done recently.

PERSEVERANCE – “to persist”, to never have a give up attitude

HONOUR – “a sense of right and truth”, to know from right to wrong and always do right

LOYALTY – “faithfulness”, to be true to others and what is right

SELF CONTROL – “Handling yourself properly”, doing the right actions at all times

Know I want you to take a few minutes to think about these words and the following questions.

1. What does each word mean to you?

2. Why are each word important?

3. How can you use each of these in everyday life?

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


This week’s word of the week is Integrity

Integrity – soundness of character; living by right beliefs

Integrity is based on your character. How you act. What you say. Are you a good person or a bad person? Can you be trusted or not to be trusted.

Integrity is knowing the difference between right and wrong and always doing the right thing without being concerned how it will benefit you or not.

Integrity is having a set code of personal ethics that is good in nature and that you follow.

Integrity is doing the right things for others and yourself with the belief that you are acting in good faith to help everyone.

Integrity is about being respectful and carrying yourself to high esteem.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


This week’s word of the week is RESPECT

Respect – Esteem; give it to others, earn it for yourself.

Everyone should show everyone else courtesy, esteem, and be respectful./ That’s all part of the basic level of respect.

Absolute respect is a thing that in which someone earns from their peers, co-workers, family, and admirers through their words and actions.

We all should be courteous and respectful to each other but should be careful who we give the absolute respect to.Some demand this type of respect without ever doing anything to earn it. Others receive absolute respect because they have earned it yet do not demand it.

Respect is a tricky thing. Everyone has their own definition of it. Everyone has their own ways of perceiving it. Everyone has their own ways of showing it. Many ways of not showing respect.

The best way is to be kind and courteous to everyone until they give you a good enough reason not too. Then you simply don’t deal with them. Not respecting them does not give you the right to be mean or disrespectful.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do