The journey you travel throughout your life is your own unique journey and not of anyone else.

You cannot compare your journey to others nor should you.

Each and every single person has their own unique path in which they follow.

Your path is not comparable to someone else’s.

Your accomplishments are different than others. You may see what you have achieved more important than someone else’s and they will do the same for theirs. It’s all the same.

No two people an ever have the same journey. Too many factors are involved like past life experiences, present attitudes, current life situations, and so on.

Someone might achieve more in one area of their life and another person will achieve more in different areas. Ultimately it does not matter who does what to anyone else.

You should be focused on the quality of your journey and not of others. Their journey is not your journey.

Don’t compete with others. Life is not a competition.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do