11777_135245146662633_1446700402_nWhat is stopping you?

Do you see anything in this picture that can really stop you from achieving your goals?

I think the answer should be no. Obviously within reason but still no.

It is only us that will stop us from achieving our dreams and goals.

Everything else are just illusions and excuses.

Providing that we are not hurting our friends and family, they are not going to stop you.

Guilt and fear are emotions that we can overcome.

Pessimists are not even worth adding to the equation.

Society, to what standard are you living your life? Providing you are following the laws, how can society stop you?

Your goals and dreams are only stopped by you and you alone. Take responsibility for what you want. It’s yours for the taking.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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